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A typical loft conversion requires 3 beams, a ridge beam, a beam to break up the floor joist span and the third to take the purlin wall, which creates the eaves space. Each beam must be calculated by an engineer to ensure the structural stability of your property. Structural calculations will also detail how the steel will be seated within the wall and are a requirement for every construction including steel.

Red steel beams

Calculation of

Timber floor & trimming joists

We calculate the proposed plans, the existing ceiling joists will not be designed to carry a domestic floor load, with that in mind we calculate a design that is capable of carrying increased domestic floor load aswell as the existing ceilings.

Calculation of

Steel beam & beam bearing calculations

In few cases the steel beams are required to carry the new floor where load bearing walls are not available. Projects that include the addition of dormer windows would require these calculation as they are typically located at the structural ridge beam.

Calculation of

Roof structure Modifications

If the roof requires strengthening, the degree of work will vary depending on the current state of the roof. We calculate and consult the required modifications to the roof structure. Often in loft conversions it is practical to upgrade the weathering of the roof which will also have an impact on the structure.

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In need of Architectural Services? Our sister company, Freedom Homes Architects is a leading architectural firm working across London, covering a wide range of services to suit.


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