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There are several factors to consider when removing a chimney which can determine the requirements for steel calculations. Below are some of the examples of the different options.

Red brick chimney

Calculation of

Completely removing the chimney

From top to bottom a full chimney removal usually does not require any calculations, timber joists will be required to infill the old chimney location and patching within the roof will also be required. ​

Calculation of

Chimney removal on one floor

If you are just looking to remove the chimney on the ground floor to create more usable space then a steel beam will be required to take the weight of the chimney stack above.

Calculation of

Chimney removal on both floors

If you would like to remove the chimney on the ground and first floor then a Gallow bracket will be required within the loft, the benefit of a Gallow bracket is its reasonably cheap to install and doesn’t require removing the chimney from the roof which will incur further costs.

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