Rubber stamp of approval


Await building control approval!

All the information we provide must be submitted to building control and approved prior to starting the works, especially the engineer’s calculations. As it should, everything we produce must be double checked by a third-party engineer, this ensures that if any mistakes are made, they can be rectified by ourselves before the work has begun.


Buy cheap, buy twice!

Not in every case but the cheapest builder are not always the best builders. A confident builder with experience will know is value and his fees reflect that, but you will at least have that peace of mind it is being done correctly. I appreciate that budget dictates everything and living in London it usually is tight. My top tip would be to evaluate your finances and the project that lays ahead, if the budget is tight or not realistic, just wait, don’t try to fit it in! It is not worth the risk of using a cheap contractor and when inevitably something goes wrong or extra charges occur, you are in an even worse position financially and no doubt your home is a building site.

Financial stress
Engineers at work


Follow the calculations!

I have seen it many times before, a builder claims he knows a better way. Maybe he is right, and it works out better, but it’s a big risk. If the method in which the builder installs the beams are not as per our specifications then we are not held liable for any issues in the future, that is, if building control even approve what has been done. If the builder can, he will look for a cheaper easier way, that’s great but, if there was a cheaper easier way, we would have already explored that option.


Time frames!

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan, we uncover things on problems site or what was assumed to be in place, is in fact not there. Unfortunately, this is construction and all we can do is deal with the issue and move forwards. Our top tip is to ensure that you give yourself plenty of time prior to construction beginning but also extra time for worst case scenario. Sometimes it isn’t just as simple as a couple of days popping a beam in, things can go wrong, and it is better to be prepared.


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